Epic Road Trip

Starting in Raleigh we went to Pennsville NJ for 1 night, then to Woburn Mass for 4 nights. After that we stayed in Portsmouth NH for 2 nights and then drove on to Vermont. We made a pit stop in Brattleboro and then on to South Londonderry for 4 nights. Then we started heading home. We spent 1 night in Beacon NY and on to the outskirts of Philadelphia and then back to Raleigh. A total of 2 weeks driving.

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Betsy had a hot dog made by Usingers at Shake Shack. We used to go there as kids when we visited relatives in Milwaukee.  A very well known German sausage place with a mural of the helpful elves on the wall behind the counter.We had a nice boat ride that pointed out all the cool architecture along the river.

We also saw Jamie, Raj and family and toured Frank Lloyd Wright’s Robie House with them. We also went to Oak Park to see more houses by Frank Lloyd Wright.


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